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Our Mission

Shalom Ministries mission is to restore the hope of living in peace and supporting economic and social development.

Our Vision

Shalom Ministries vision is to become a worldwide instrument of God's peace to the broken-hearted.


Shalom Ministries (SHAM) is a membership organization of more than one thousand interdenominational members. It started as a Ministry on September 13th, 2008.

In 1994, Rwanda was horrified by 100 days  that left more than a million people killed through the genocide against Tutsi.

Survivors were left wounded physically, spiritually, and mentally. Many widows and orphans were   traumatized, while others suffered  from homelessness.

Several survivors had lost their children, husbands, and immediate and extended family members. Many women suffered the consequences of rape and sexual violence, and   they live with the burden of HIV/AIDS.

The after-genocide period was very sorrowful dominated by mourning, weeping, loneliness, anger, despair, and especially, intense hatred towards the assassins. It was not easy to reintroduce God’s love during that period because some people denied God’s existence. They refused to return in churches in which many people were killed.

A group of three widows located in Kigali met often in a pity party to share their survival testimonies. One day, one born again widow suggested that it was better to pray and ask for peace, healing, and restoration from God instead of crying and cursing. That is how Jehovah Shalom prayer group was started. They gradually found inner peace in their broken hearts which lead to  healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Then, they opened doors for everyone who wanted to join.

Several became God’s faithful servants and they never stopped praying and studying the Word of God until today.

From that sorrowful experience, was born an idea to establish a charity to support hopeless widows and orphans across the country and help them restore their hope and embark to a reconciliation and healing process. That is how the prayer group turned into the organization we are today. Today Shalom Ministries charity includes couples, youth and children, representing different categories and all social classes.

God is our peace (Judges 6:24)