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After becoming a Christian through Shalom Ministries, I felt delivered and restored- CHRISTOPHE CYUBAHIRO

My name is Cyubahiro Christophe, and I am one of Shalom Ministries’ members. Before joining the Ministry, I had been demobbed from the former RPF Inkotanyi army because I lost one of my legs in the war and I was no longer able to serve in the army. Being disabled brought so much sorrow to me because it happened while I was still grieving my parents who were killed during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

One day, I was invited by a SHAM member to attend one of their prayer meetings. Arriving there, I learnt that there were many people we shared the same history since they had also been so affected by the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. That made me feel very comfortable and included, which is why I continued to attend their prayer meetings. Then in one prayer meeting, I decided to give my life to Jesus because of a message which was constantly shared in all SHAM gatherings. The message said: “There is no other way we can regain peace of heart apart from running to Jesus.”

That is what really happened. After becoming a born-again Christian through Shalom Ministries, I felt delivered and restored, I started feeling like a real person again, I started believing in life and dreaming of the future.