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Testimony - Drocella Nduwimana

I was able to forgive the people who murdered my husband and family - Drocella Nduwimana

Member of Shalom Ministries: Since November 1994

How Shalom changed my life: After losing my husband and family during the genocide, I was in despair; I asked God why I was still alive. I did not have time to mourn for my husband and my family members who were killed during genocide. I was asking myself how I can restart my life alone. I had hate and anger to the killers and I was thinking that I cannot forgive them. When I went to my church, if the pastors taught about the forgiveness, I was not comfortable.

When I returned to my job, I met other survivors, most of them widows. We met together to tell our stories to one another, to cry and shout, and to insult the killers of our family members

From that sorrow situation, I started Shalom Ministries with two widows where God heals my wounds and restore my life.

I found my lost peace; Shalom Ministries became my best family, I forget my loneliness. After experiencing this healing, I was able to forgive the people who murdered my husband and family.

Through Shalom Ministries, I have come to know Jesus more deeply than before. I am healed, have forgiven the killers, and am able to contribute to the rebuilding of my country by helping to promote unity and reconciliation.