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Testimony - Monica Nyirarugira

I am HIV positive but I found love and dignity – Monica Nyirarugira

“My name is Monica Nyirarugira. My parents were killed during the genocide. Thereafter my living conditions got worse; I started being a house worker. Those I worked for sometimes cheated me. Then I realized that could not achieve anything and decided to be a prostitute. At that time I was using drugs and fighting because of being always drunk. When I was a prostitute I gave birth to two children, a boy and girl. Since I could not take care of them, they became street children. My life was miserable and it was difficult to change it. During that time I became HIV positive. Afterwards I was invited in Shalom Ministries, heard the word of God, found love and dignity. Since then I started dressing and behaving properly and quit the sinful life because of Shalom Ministries. Now I have peace, my children go to school and perform well. They now love me and respect me as their mother. I thank God that they are HIV negative. I take ARVs for my health and along with Shalom members; we win other prostitutes to the Lord.