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First married person to join SHAM

Shalom Ministries deepened my love for Jesus- Dusabe Cesarie

My name is Dusabe Césarie. I joined Shalom Ministries as a newlywed in 1995, right after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

My sister Béatrice Murekatete and I have a uniqueness of having joined the Ministry as the first married people because we understood that the peace from God is needed by people of all categories. All the other members back then were widows.

Shalom Ministries has played a very big role in my spiritual growth. The tragedies we encountered during the genocide where many well-known servants of God killed or supported killers made me give up on the church. And to make it worse, the church didn’t even teach about repenting to those who committed the genocide, instead they forced the survivors to forgive as if they were the ones who did wrong. I was very angry at the church to the extent that I would feel resentful after services, rather than feeling joyful and revived.

The good moments of feeling in union with other believers and fellowshipping God came back after joining Shalom Ministries.

In fact, our prayer meetings were like a field for practice because many were new born-again Christians, but we grew from there, we studied the word of God as much as our understanding could reach, and we became mature spiritually really fast for we spent enough time with God and we had one heart.

Since I didn’t live in Kigali before the genocide, it wouldn’t have been easy for me to make new friends here but Shalom Ministries helped me to not feel alone even though we were from different areas.

Some were in Rwanda during the genocide, and others were refugees in all surrounding countries. Unity was built in Shalom Ministries, and we made an amazing family.

Shalom Ministries deepened my love for Jesus, and that helped me to become a woman who obeys God and everything I do since then is built on that foundation. When I see how far Shalom Ministries has come, I praise God so much.