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Shalom Ministries supported SHAM members small projects and seeds donations before the beginning of sowing term.

Shalom Ministries in its program of empowering its members to tackle poverty problems, visited Ruhango  and Kigali SHAM and donated to them different donations in different fields. Some were given  small trade projects support especially in an Agribusiness.


Whereby two people were given two cows and 96 members of SHAM RUHANGO have been given 1300 Kilograms of beans to sow in their farms.

Shalom members Kigali who suffered from unemployment problems due to lack of capital, have been supported by Shalom Ministries, with 9 small projects such as sewing machines, outside trading etc.

Two members  who live along side Kigali have received funds to help them, paying cultivators due to different disabilities.

All this support was provided to almost 108 SHAM members. They were happy to be handled such a support and appreciated it. They continue emphasizing that the support will help them improve their lives, create small job opportunities to them and their families in general.

Mrs Nduwimana Drocella, National Coordinator for Shalom Ministries, recalled up on them to try to make this support more productive. She insisted that they have to work hard with the resources they have in order that they can achieve on this productivity as one way of striving against poverty.

This support was given to SHAM Ruhango  and KIGALI  on Friday 16, September

Other photos  of Shalom Ministries while donating to her members:

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